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Tech Deck Olympic Competition Legends 8-Pack

Tech Deck Olympic Competition Legends 8-Pack

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Bring the Olympics home with the Tech Deck Competition Legends 8-Pack set of Fingerboards. This pack brings you real deal with authentic fingerboards from real skate companies. Each board features graphics from your favorite Olympic Games Paris 2024 skateboarders around the world like Mariah Duran, Jagger Eaton and more. Collect 8 trading cards with these skaters completing their favorite tricks. Display your boards on stands including gold, silver, and bronze-colored holders. Ride and grind your new finger skateboards for kids on the Olympic Games Paris 2024 X-Connect series. Build out the ramp sets (each sold separately) to create your own Tech Deck Paris 2024 fingerboard skatepark at home. There are a ton of Decks, toy figures & playsets to collect! Ride, flip, and grind with Tech Deck fingerboards from real skate companies! Tech Deck mini skateboards for fingers and ramp sets make the perfect gift for girls toys age 6-8 who love small toys, mini brands cool toys or as an alternative to toy cars as a boys toys age 6-8 item. Skate your way with the Tech Deck Official Olympic Licensed Product Competition Legends 8-Pack. © PARIS 2024 / IOC - All Rights Reserved


  • 8-PACK PARIS 2024 BOARDS: Skate and collect exclusive boards from Olympians like Aurelien Giraud, Felipe Gustavo and more with authentic graphics from the biggest brands in skateboarding.
  • TRADING CARDS & MORE: Showcase your collectible cards from 8 skaters around the world. Use the stands to display the boards including gold, silver, and bronze-colored stands.
  • OFFICIAL OLYMPIC GAMES PARIS 2024 LICENSED PRODUCT: Ride, flip, and grind with an official finger board with special grip tape to commemorate Paris 2024! From grip tape to bushings, these decks have been recreated down to the smallest detail.
  • BECOME A TECH DECK PRO: Olympics boards need Olympic playsets. Grind your new boards on Tech Deck fingerboard obstacles like the expansive Olympic Games Paris 2024 X-Connect World. Create your own Tech Deck Olympic skatepark for new ways to play and progress.
  • TOYS & GAMES FOR ALL: Great toys for boys or toys for girls and gifts for kids that love collectibles, toy figures & playsets, or mini skateboards. Great Christmas gift, or birthday gifts ages 6 and up!

Each individual pack includes:

  • 8 Assembled Complete Fingerboards
  • 8 Collectible Cards 
  • 8 Stands
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