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Powell Peralta wheels Classics Ripper 54mm 97a

Powell Peralta wheels Classics Ripper 54mm 97a

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Powell Peralta
"Ripper 4"
54mm Diameter
97a Hardness

WHITE Urethane
RED (Pinkish) & BLACK Graphics

Set of 4 Wheels

Made in USA
Special Price normally £44.99

4 brand new Powell "Ripper 4" 54mm skateboard wheels in 97a harness urethane...slighty softer for extra grip on slippery parks.

Top quality wheels made by Bones/Powell so you know these will be good and a nice small size for parks, mini ramp and street.

Symetrical profile with a smooth running surface.  Back face of the wheels has no graphics- plain.

The old skool ripper graphics on these is as iconic as they get from the pen of the great Powell artist VCJ.

NOTE : Like all white urethane wheels these may have some slight discolouration.  It happens to all white urethane over time but does not affect their performance.

54mm diameter
33mm wide
18mm running surface
hardness 97a (hard but with more grip)
Symetrical profile
Made in USA
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